Oil Filter Machine Reliable filtration systems for industrial oils

Oil Filtering Machine

oil filtering machine

PF series multi-stages high precision oil purifier can purify the oil by removing the negative mechanical impurities. It is widely used in the fields of power station, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering etc. for oil filling, oil pumping as well as high precision purifying and pipe cleaning.


  • 1 Portable design makes it more convenient and flexible to move.

  • 2 With pressure protection system, filters blocking alarming system and auto-protection system, PF can be operated in high security.

  • 3 Advance electrical control system

  • 4 Small size, low noise and long life time

Technical Specifications:

  • Treatment Capacity: 1,800L/H - 18,000L/H

  • Working pressure: less than 0.4 MPa

  • Height: less than 6 (NAS)

  • Height: more than 15m

  • Power Supply: 50Hz , 380V (or as needed)

  • Working noise: less than 60-65 dB(A)




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