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Vacuum Oil Water Separator Systems

vacuum oil water separator systems

Oil water separator system is developed by vacuum evaporation technology, coacervation technology, coalescing technology, separating engineering technology and refined purification technology. It can eliminate water, gas, impurities, colloid, dielectric etc. rapidly and effectively in high vacuum situation and make the waste oil reuse.


  • 1 Enhance the value of breakdown voltage of oil greatly.

  • 2 Easy handling and maintenance. It is available that online work. The plant can provide the ability of injection oil into the transformers without extra accessory.

  • 3 Lower maintenance and replacement expenses.

  • 4 High efficiency and effectiveness while small size, light weight, and low noise.

Technical Specifications:

  • Treatment Capacity: 1,800L/H - 18,000L/H

  • Water Content: less than 4 PPm

  • Gas Content: less than 0.1%

  • Breakdown Voltage: more than 75 Kv

  • Power Supply: 50Hz , 380V (or as needed)

  • Working noise: less than 72-78 dB(A)




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